SACKLER / NSF REU SITE: Convergence of Research at the Interface of the Biological, Physical, and Engineering Sciences

REU Background

This program enables undergraduates (primarily rising juniors and seniors) interested in pursuing a career in the sciences to conduct interdisciplinary research at Yale for a 10-week period during the summer. Our program focuses on research at the intersection of biology, physics, and engineering and serves as a glimpse of what graduate school at a large research institutions is like.

We have developed strong partnerships with Claflin University, Connecticut College and the University of Maryland, Baltimore Couty's Meyerhoff Scholars Program but applicants from non-partner instutitions are also welcome.

Details of the research program are highlighted below:

NSF REU site link

How to Apply

You can apply through Yale's Graduate School Application website. Note: Because the application for the Sackler / NSF REU is set up through the online application system of Yale University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, some of the language throughout the application may suggest that you are applying to the Graduate School at Yale, this is not the case. Please ignore wording related to graduate study at Yale as you complete the application.

The complete application will include 1) the application form (including a personal statement), 2) a CV 3) two letters of recommendation and 4) a transcript.

The application deadline is February 1, 2016.

Eligibility: you must be a permanent resident or a US citizen to apply, you must have health insurance, and you must be enrolled at an undergraduate institution the summer of your internship.

For questions about the fellowship e-mail dorottya.noble(at)

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Sackler Undergraduate Fellowship Program in prior years

This fellowship was launched in the summer of 2009. Click on the year below to find out about that year's participants, advisors, and events.