Seed grants are awarded for one year and are intended to enable researchers to make progress in a novel research area, obtain preliminary results and facilitate the application process for external funding.

Seed grants awarded Fall of 2009:

  • The Role of Curvature in alpha-Synuclein Binding to Lilpid Bilayers;

    Elizabeth Rhoades with Corey O’Hern

  • Laying the Groundwork for a Revolution in Structural and Molecular Biology Through Single Molecule Imaging with Angstrom Resolution;

    Michael Levene with Corey Wilson

  • Using Proteins to Create ‘Smart’ Stimuli-Responsive Nono-Materials;

    Corey O’Hern with Lynne Regan

  • The Role of Time in Odor Coding;

    Thierry Emonet with John Carlson

  • Single Molecule Studies of the Thermodynamics of Histone Modification / Chromatin Remodeling;

    Simon Mochrie with Lynne Regan