Sackler/ IGPPEB Retreat Schedule, Nov 2010

Session 1: Shape, force, cytosekelton, chair: Paul Forscher

  • Chad McCormick (Pollard lab): Advances in Quantitative Cell Biology: Progress Towards In Vivo Thermodynamics
  • Katie Rosowski and Aaron Mertz (Horsley and Dufresne labs): Mechanics of adhesion and differentiation in the epidermis
  • William Pontius (Emonet lab): Signaling characteristics of spatially localized push-pull systems

Session 2: Proteins and nucleic acids, chair: Tim Craggs (Grindley lab)

  • Andrew Mack and Danny Schlingman (Mochrie and Regan labs): Winding and unwinding of DNA and chromatin
  • Megan King (King lab): Chromatin and nuclear mechanics
  • Kathryn Miller-Jensen (Miller-Jensen lab): Systems analysis of virus-host signaling network interactions
  • Sunny Han, Office of Cooperative Research
  • Mitch Kundel, Graduate Teaching Center

Session 3: Protein folding and design, chair: Liz Rhoades

  • Abhi Nath (Rhoades/Miranker labs): Conformations of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Combined Computational and Experimental Approaches
  • Tijana Grove and Corey O’Hern (Regan and O’Hern labs): Designing a new type of smart protein-based hydrogel: experimental and theoretical studies
  • Li Fu (Yan lab): Probing the misfolding, structure, and orientation of amyloid proteins at interfaces by sum frequency generation spectroscopy

Session 4: Complex systems, chair: Lynne Regan

  • Carlotta Martelli (Emonet lab): Dynamics of odor coding in Drosophila Olfactory Receptor Neurons
  • Alberto Bernacchia (Wang lab): A reservoir of time constants for memory traces in cortical neurons
  • Michael Levene (Levene lab): Finding clinical applications for biophysics: Fluctuation spectroscopy of multimer distributions